Rooftop Solar Installations: The Responsibility of the Roofing Contractor - August 2020

Mon, Aug 24, 2020

Reduced energy costs coupled with tax incentives make it a financially viable option for many, not to mention the benefits of being a socially responsible company by reducing your carbon footprint, which attracts customers and potential employees.

Rooftop solar energy systems will typically last around 30 years, so it’s important for roofing contractors to make sure a roof is ready to protect their client’s building for years to come. A major issue in the marketplace is disreputable solar contractors selling solar through financing mechanisms like PACE, which allows a property owner to finance the up-front cost and pay it back over time through a voluntary property tax assessment, without assessing the viability of the rooftop. As of 2016, 40 percent of new solar installations on existing roofs resulted in damage to the roof itself.

Roof leaks and vent pipe flashing are a few of the common problems that have occurred after solar panels were installed by unqualified contractors. This opens owners up to the possibility of the roof system failing several years into the life of the new solar array, causing additional and unexpected costs associated with the removal and re-installation of the solar array following a roof replacement. A few other common issues encountered when installing solar include: Read More.

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