The Gap Between the Solar and Roofing Industries - August 2022

Fri, Aug 26, 2022 at 8:00AM

Advanced Roofing and Advanced Green Technologies

As residential, commercial, industrial and governmental solar installations continue to explode into the Florida market, the growing need for owners, solar developers and roofing contractors to understand each other’s individual goals is now more important than ever.

When looking to invest in a potential solar installation, owners are contemplating financial investment decisions that are modeled over 25 years or longer. Deep analysis of the tax benefits, long-term cost escalation of utility-supplied power, operation and maintenance expenses of the array required to maintain peak output of the asset, insurance costs and potential equipment replacement over the system’s life are all critical to the decision-making process.

All these metrics are essential to make a sound decision on whether or not a solar array meets the investment requirements for a business. However,what we consistently see underrepresented in the analysis is the potential cost impact of a rooftop solar installation regarding the roof itself, potential business interruption from roof-related installation problems and unexpected roofing costs.

Solar installers and developers are often focused solely on selling as many kilowatts on a rooftop as possible without regard to the impact that the decision could have on the occupant, owner or tenants of a building over the long term.

Poorly planned, executed or maintained solar installations can lead to a negative owner experience towards their newly acquired solar asset. Left behind are unexpected reactive maintenance expenses, removal and reinstallation of the solar asset and, potentially worst of all, premature roofing system failure. Read more.

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