Blue Tarp Roof Announcement

Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 11:20AM

Blue Roof Announcement points

As this is shared across the state. The above link is an overview of the Federal FEMA / US Army Corps of Engineers Blue Roof temporary assistance program.

  • The blue roof program has no cost to the property owner.
  • Metal roofs, flat roofs, tile roofs, asbestos roofs are not eligible.
  • Mobile homes with flat metal roofs are not eligible
  • Typically a standard asphalt shingle roof meets the requirements.
  • The Blue Roof program is in partnership with FEMA individual assistance support as part of the recovery process
  • ROE collection centers will be established in areas that have need.
  • Each 911 address will need a separate Right of Entry (ROE).
  • Apartment complexes will need a separate Right of Entry (ROE) for each building.
  • A duplex would need a Right of Entry (ROE) for each side. Applies to 4 plex or similar
  • Please reply back to me the following:
    • Population of your county
    • Number of residential structures
    • Your eyes on the ground assessment “I think that 60% of the homes in my county have roof damage” or whatever level you think. This helps get the damage assessments started.

Reply with county information back to:,mil

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