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Best Selling Clay Roof Tile Line in the USA Fri, May 17, 2024 Verea is the best-selling brand of clay roof tile in the U.S. market. In 2024, our clients installed roofs in California, Hawaii, Texas, New York and throughout the Southeast U.S. with growing sales throughout the country and across the world. Varie... Read More

SYL Roofing Supply: Your Trusted Partner for Quality Roofing Solutions Fri, May 17, 2024 In the bustling world of construction, time and reliability are paramount. Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or a newcomer to the field, having swift access to dependable roofing supplies can significantly impact the success of your projects... Read More

Making Roof Debris Removal More Efficient, Safer and Cleaner Fri, May 17, 2024 Built From Experience Invented by a large commercial roofing contractor, the Trash Rocket is manufactured by Rocket Equipment in Omaha, NE and is changing how roofing projects are completed. The Trash Rocket is a commercial-grade trailer-mounted deb... Read More

Not all Metal Roofs are Created Equal Fri, May 17, 2024 The importance of choosing the right metal roof for the Florida Market Florida is a Coastal State Florida has 1,350 miles of coastline, by far the most of any of the lower 48 states. This means we have a larger coastal population than any other sta... Read More

Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply: Together We Rise Fri, May 17, 2024 At Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply, our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere transactions: it permeates every aspect of our business. From our meticulously curated product selection to our swift and reliable delivery service, we strive to anticip... Read More

DuPont Tile Bond Roof Adhesive Tue, May 14, 2024 Strength on any job. DuPont Tile Bond Miami-Dade County approved Florida Building Code approved Hurricane-zone qualified Texas DOI approved OK on wet surfaces Always on-ratio No calibration required No external power required No cleanup o... Read More

Atlas Shingles Offer Innovation and Ultimate Protection Tue, May 14, 2024 Atlas Roofing Corporation continues to stand out with their commitment to research and development, securing the position at the forefront of shingle technology. This journey isn’t just about creating roofing materials: it’s about providi... Read More

Eagle Roofing Products’ 2024 Color of the Year is Inspired by Nature’s Beauty Tue, May 14, 2024 Bridgeport Blend Copper, Eagle’s 2024 Color of the Year, is the epitome of sophistication and elegance. Inspired by nature’s beauty, this effortless concrete roof tile’s color radiates warmth with a fusion of gray, taupe, brown an... Read More

Make First Aid Count Tue, May 14, 2024 Jorge Castanon, Safety Consultant, FRSA Self Insurer’s Fund Whether you are at home or work, there is always a chance that a medical emergency might occur. Medical emergencies can range from minor to major incidents. Basic first aid knowledge ... Read More

Staying Safe During Extreme Heat Tue, May 14, 2024 FRSA Staff Extreme heat is defined as summertime temperatures that are much hotter or more humid than average. Because some places are hotter than others, this depends on what’s considered average for a particular location at that time of year... Read More

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