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When You Think You Have Seen It All...Think Again Tue, Feb 14, 2023 Mike Silvers, CPRC, Silvers Systems Inc. and FRSA Director of Technical Services Approximately a month after Hurricane Ian made landfall on the southwest coast of Florida, I received a group email from the Roofing Industry Committee o... Read More

Impact of Recent Hurricanes on Florida Building Codes - May 2022 Mon, May 16, 2022 Nothing else has come close to having an impact on Florida’s Building Codes as hurricanes. Their regular occurrence and the threat that they create cannot be overlooked. Each major storm leaves in its wake not only damage and disruption but also rene... Read More

Training, Codes, Legislation and Research are on FRSA’s Horizon - April 2021 Sun, Apr 11, 2021 Like many of you, I was thrilled to see that the next FRSA Board of Directors meeting in April will be an in-person event. Read More