BUR: Time-Tested Roof Systems with New Relevance - November 2020

Wed, Nov 11, 2020

But please don’t confuse how long it lasts with how long the warranty is. But I digress.

Certainly the first question, when considering sustainability, should be how long something will last in the first place? Then, how can I extend the life and for how long?

Built up roofs (BUR) and their offspring, modified bitumen roofs, have been a staple of the roofing industry since before it was called an industry. Many roofing contractors and manufacturers still swear by these systems. Why is that? Some may say it’s because we’re old fashioned and don’t like change. In fairness, there is probably some truth to that. But like many things that endure, there is a reason. To put it quite simply: they work and work well. Read More

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