Post Storm Event - Considerations For Repairing Damaged Concrete and Clay Roofing Tiles - November 2022

Fri, Nov 18, 2022 at 8:00AM

Tile Roofing Industry Alliance

The Tile Roofing Industry Alliance (TRIA) is an industry trade association comprised of roof tile manufacturers, roofing contractors and suppliers dedicated to the advancement of tile roofing. Properly installed tile roofs last longer than most comparable roof systems and are repairable in most cases if exposed to flying debris and other natural disaster related activities.

In addition to curb appeal, permanence and energy savings, one of the greatest advantages that tile roofing offers is its inherent repairability. A typical tile roof system is comprised of thousands of individual tiles, all of which may be safely removed and replaced without impacting the integrity of the roof system.

The guidelines included in this technical brief (#2022-001) are designed to assist the user with the evaluation of a storm damaged tile roof and to help the user determine whether to repair or replace the roof. The TRI Alliance strongly recommends having a trained and state-licensed professional evaluate the condition of the underlayment and roof decking when considering repairing or replacing a roof to identify all of the concerns, including the discussions of coverage for workmanship in affected areas for both repair and harvesting.

Post-Storm Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my roof tiles received storm-related damage?

Roof tile damage is typically visible to the naked eye. Broken roof tiles often result from large hailstones and flying debris such as tree limbs, yard decor, etc. Broken tiles rarely occur as a result of wind exposure. In order to ensure the integrity of your tile roof, broken roof tiles must be properly repaired or replaced.

Who should I trust to evaluate my damaged tile roof?

The TRI Alliance recommends consulting a credible Florida licensed roofing contractor that has experience with the regional code requirements. How do I know that my roof can be repaired? This document contains industry endorsed procedures that help insurance representatives, roof consultants and roofing contractors determine whether a damaged tile roof should be considered for repair or for replacement. It should be left to a trained professional to properly evaluate repair options.

My neighbor received a new “free roof” – how do I get one?

Too often, the promise of a free replacement tile roof is propagated by individuals motivated by significant compensation that may occur in a post-storm environment. These guidelines herein may assist in determining whether a tile roof may be repaired or be replaced, but the cost is dependent upon many factors that will be specific to each case. Read more.

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