Porcelain Roof Tiles for the Pros - April 2020

Tue, Apr 14, 2020 at 8:05AM

It should be as strong as it is beautiful, withstanding harsh environments while maintaining its timeless quality and finish. Porcelain roofing tile provides the ultimate roofing solution for professionals seeking beauty, durability and ease of installation in their roofing materials, all at
a very competitive price.


We think home roofing should never go unnoticed, but instead be part of the curb appeal of a home. Porcelain roofing tile was designed with timeless beauty in mind, delivering a lasting splendor that will never go out of style.

Usually available in a variety of colors and designs, porcelain roofing tile products realistically replicate the look of slate, timber and clay, but provide the strength of porcelain tile. Troy Draper, Vice President of Operations and Roofing Sales for Daltile, says, “Porcelain roofing tile will be a game-changer for the specialty roofing products segment — destined to soon outsell the current slate, clay, concrete and metal roofing options.” Read more

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