Residential Roof Fall Protection: Keep Your Roofing Crew Safe - May 2022

Fri, May 20, 2022 at 8:00AM


Roofing is risky business. From workers’ comp claims to lawsuits, losing crew members can destroy a company. Keep your crew and your company safe. Reduce the risk of job site injury by putting these tips into practice now.

Require the Right Footwear

Many companies require employees and subs to dress in company-branded apparel when on the job. Don’t let the dress code stop there. The right shoes make all the difference when roofers are spending hours walking on old shingles, exposed decking and new materials throughout the job. Hazards run rampant on the roof and ensuring your crew is equipped with the right footwear is just one way to reduce workers’ comp claims. When listing requirements for the right roofing shoes, consider noting the following:

■ High-quality traction
■ High-top for ankle stability
■ Leather or suede for durability
■ Flexibility
■ Thick shoelaces
■ Safety toe

Work boots are not immortal. Continuing to use them when the soles are worn down can be just as dangerous as wearing the wrong footwear. When the tread is gone, the probability of slipping increases and stepping on nails becomes even more detrimental to the well-being of the wearer. Read more.

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