Roofing Safety: Fall Protection Tips - April 2022

Thu, Apr 28, 2022 at 8:00AM


Roofing contractors should be able to focus solely on their jobs – not stress about their safety. But when it comes to installing a new roof, one wrong step could be a matter of life and death. All roofing company owners need to make sure their roofers are protected on the job, especially when working on steep slope roofs with little traction. These fall protection tips can help keep job sites safer for roofing crews and reduce the risk of workers’ compensation claims.

Invest in Fall Protection Training

The sooner the job gets done, the sooner the crew can move on to the next. But without the right safety precautions, you risk increased downtime from losing crew members to what could be fatal accidents. In the construction and roofing industries, OSHA requires fall protection for individuals working at elevations of 6 feet or more. OSHA also requires employers to provide training for all employees who may be around fall hazards. Crew members must go through fall protection training, including how to use the protection system(s) chosen by your company, before they begin the job. Roofers should also know standard emergency procedures as well as each person’s responsibility according to company policy. Read more.

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