The Wind Resistance Capabilities of Concrete Roof Tile - April 2022

Fri, Apr 29, 2022 at 8:00AM

Robin Anderson, Technical and Strategy Development Manager, Westlake Roofing Solutions

Many regions of the United States, including Florida and the Southeast, are subject to high-wind conditions that can damage homes and buildings. The roof is highly susceptible to the wind damage due to its location on top of a home or building. Therefore, it is imperative when choosing roofing materials to select ones that can withstand severe wind events. Concrete roof tile is an option that provides substantial defense against the powerful forces of wind and helps prevent weather-related property damage.

Wind can be complex. It is affected by temperature and pressure differences in the Earth’s atmosphere, as well as by variations in terrain and topography. However, when wind meets a home or building structure, it will typically perform in predictable ways. For example, wind meeting the side of the structure will travel up and over the roof edge causing varying degrees of uplift pressure. Read more.

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