Meeting the Digital Demand of the Modern Homeowner - September 2021

Thu, Nov 25, 2021 at 8:00AM

Patrick Fingles, CEO, Leap

Like any service business, customer satisfaction is paramount. But many roofing contractors still follow traditional sales processes: home visits, hand measuring, paper quotes. The problem is: homeowners have moved on. And staying stuck in the past means contractors are not only losing customers but also losing out on profits from the business you do win. Homeowners have been steadily moving toward digital experiences. From shopping online to self-serve kiosks at restaurants, to getting vehicle repair quotes on an app, homeowners want streamlined, accurate digital information. And they want it fast. Roofing contractors that have adopted similar techniques, digitalizing the end-to-end sales process, are forging stronger relationships with customers, reducing the cost of doing business and increasing profit margins. Here are four ways you can make this happen in your own roofing business. Read more

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