FRSA's Position on Excessive Roofing Material Disposal - June 2022

Thu, Jun 09, 2022 at 8:00AM

Many residential property insurance carriers in Florida are requiring policyholders with asphalt shingle roofs to replace those roofs every ten years, regardless of the roof’s condition, or face the loss of their homeowner’s insurance. This requirement causes unnecessary financial burden on homeowners and doubles the amount of waste sent to Florida landfills from homes with asphalt shingle roofs.

The primary cause of this relatively new requirement by Florida insurance companies arises from the activity of unscrupulous roofing contractors who convince unsuspecting homeowners that their roof has been damaged – typically by hail or wind – and that insurance coverage is available to them to replace the roof “for free.” These activities are widespread and well organized. Many tactics are used to entice Florida roofing contractors to participate with the promise of lucrative profits. Contractors are taught, step by step, how to work every aspect of the system: from pitching “free roofs,” to leveraging insurance adjusters and threatening inflated attorneys’ fees. All intended to extract as much money as possible from insurance companies. Fully 76 percent of all residential property insurance litigation throughout the United States occurs within Florida as a result of this organized activity. Read more.

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