Industry Updates - May 2023

Tue, Jun 13, 2023

DuPont Teldar Partners with SPE Foundation to Sponsor Educational Events

DuPont Tedlar, the global leader in technology-based materials and solutions, recently signed with SPE Foundation to sponsor various events and support the Foundation’s three-pronged approach to enrich and develop the future workforce for the plastics industry. “The partnership with DuPont Tedlar supports our work in many ways. A scholarship for a student who will be joining us in a few short years, helping young women see the numerous STEM opportunities in plastics and polymer science through our Girl Scout patch program and bringing the PlastiVan to its local community, with whom DuPont team members can engage and inspire students through our hands-on K-12 plastics education programming, ” said Eve Vitale, SPE Foundation’s Chief Executive. Read more

ICP Adds New Tampa Facility to its MasterWorks Contractor Training Program

To better support the growing need for product education in the construction and maintenance industry, ICP Group recently opened its third facility dedicated to training for its APOC brand of commercial and residential building products. The Tampa location complements contractor and installer training facilities in Andover, Mass. and Phoenix, Ariz. and expands the reach of ICP’s APOC MasterWorks Training and Education Program farther south and into the heart of
tropical storm territory. Read more

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