Sales and Marketing - July 2020

Wed, Jul 22, 2020

They answer the telephone. Someone calls to say they want to buy a widget or a certain service and the response is, “Oh yes, we make those,” or, “Oh yes, we do that.” Their only active sales work is to rely on their reputation, their past relationships and the “word-of-mouth” system of sales. While those might suffice to maintain a modest level of revenues, they won’t contribute much to growth, adequate market penetration or an operation of significant size. 

Many company owners know little of sales and marketing techniques. The reason is simple: most entrepreneurs are better versed in the products they manufacture or the services they provide than how to sell those products or services. They gained their experience making things or doing things and, in many cases, not in selling those things. Once your company is established, however, any owner or principal operating executive should turn their attention to sales and marketing. Read More.

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