Roof Maintenance and Long-Term Customer Loyalty - July 2021

Wed, Jul 21, 2021

Lee Ramsey, Vice President Sales Commercial Southeast Region, GAF

The importance of roof maintenance is no secret among contractors. However, it’s relatively unknown among most building owners. Given that building owners are the ones who decide when and how often their roofs are maintained, this often means that maintenance doesn’t get done.

It’s easy for contractors to focus on just installing a roof at the beginning and leaving future maintenance up to the building owner. But if a representative from your company doesn’t help the customer understand routine maintenance needs, your installation may fail before its time.

Common Misunderstandings Among Building Owners
A roof warranty can often be misinterpreted by building owners. They assume that it will cover anything that may happen to the roof, regardless of whether or not maintenance is performed. This can lead to frustration down the road when they discover that many warranties require routine maintenance as a prerequisite for coverage. 

“The first thing out of everyone’s mouth when a problem occurs is, ‘Well, I got a 20-year warranty. What’s going on?’” says Michael Black, Director of Service and Maintenance at Sutter Roofing. “So, my biggest thing with customers is that when I first go meet them, I explain exactly what their warranty covers and does not cover and I explain to them the importance of preventative maintenance.”

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