Nothing Says Competition Like a Good Ole Game of Cornhole - July 2021

Mon, Jul 19, 2021

Lisa Pate, FRSA Executive Director

Competition is nothing new to the roofing industry. It’s something companies face each day and take it in stride as part of the job. But a cornhole tournament – now that’s something our members take seriously. Add to the equation an event that raises funds for FRSA’s Political Action Committee (PAC), and you’ve got yourself some intense competition. 

During the April Board of Directors and Committee meetings in Bonita Springs, members came together to support the PAC by sponsoring and participating in a cornhole tournament. There were 16 teams competing and 64 members who attended the event. Teams competed in elimination rounds, with the final two teams playing for first place. Chase and AJ Kennedy, Gainesville Roofing and Co., Bronson, took on Matthew Leonard, Architectural Sheet Metal Inc., Orlando and Bo Copeland, Gulf Coast Supply and Manufacturing, Newberry for the win. Both teams played exceptionally throughout the tournament. After Chase and AJ won, they graciously donated their winnings back to the PAC. 

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