Oil Canning in Metal Roof and Metal Wall Systems - February 2021

Mon, Feb 08, 2021

For purposes here, all four terms shall be considered synonymous: waviness, elastic buckling, stress wrinkling and oil canning. The degree of waviness can be difficult to measure, but may be visually apparent, especially under specific lighting conditions. 

Generally, the period and amplitude of the wave will become more pronounced as the panel width increases (flat portion of the panel) and the panel thickness decreases. Reflected light may make the oil canning more prominent at certain times of day. 

Conditions such as the time of year, the viewing angle and the angle at which sunlight strikes the panel may also have an impact on the ability to discern oil canning. The eye perceives the reflection of light. When the reflective surface is irregular, the reflected light is also irregular, making oil canning more perceptible. If oil canning is present, it is usually apparent at the time of construction. Read More. 

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