President's Column - March 2022

Wed, Mar 23, 2022 at 8:00AM

Joe Byrne, FRSA President, Owner, Byrne Roofing Inc.

My thanks to the Board and Committee members who participated in the quarterly meetings held on our GoToWebinar platform. I wish we could have met in person. This persistent virus hit our staff, which relegated us to virtual meetings instead. Even so, a lot was accomplished and progress continues as a result of very successful meetings.

Chris Dawson, FRSA Legislative Counsel, has been hard at work keeping track of the bills that are of great interest to our membership, especially the Chapter 558 Reform bill. Prior to the start of session, Chris, Ralph Davis, Phillip Lane and Wallace Fulton attended a political reception on our behalf and were able to distribute contributions to various candidates that support industry issues. They were also able to provide testimony at a hearing. The House may amend the bill and add the Statue of Repose relief as a flat rate of seven years for all types of construction. Chris will be able to provide more details as time progresses. FRSA Members were sent a detailed report from Chris on bills that are important to the industry. There is a lot of information in his report and it is very insightful for those of us that follow politics. Read more.

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