Pre-Operational Planning to Reduce Risk - September 2022

Mon, Sep 26, 2022 at 8:00AM

John Kenney, CPRC, CEO, Cotney Consulting Group

The construction industry, especially the roofing industry has never had a more significant wave of risk than in the last few years since the pandemic’s start. It put the entire world in partial lockdown, leading to shortages, supply chain issues, inflation and many other issues.

Learn to Identify Business-Critical Processes

As an owner or manager, you must understand how any risk of interruption impacts operations and the customer experience. It would be best if you learned how to contain the impact of risk by planning and preparing for those times when a threat rears its head.

The pandemic is only one example of the many unexpected challenges. No one can predict the disruptive forces that lie ahead that will throw your business world into chaos. Your best weapon is to dig deeper into your core business processes to prepare them for the next risk wave.

Address Challenges, Establish Effective Risk Management

Every company needs a pre-operational plan to reduce risk. There are many complex challenges to anticipate and it is essential you have a plan established, an effective risk management plan.

When developing a pre-operational plan, you must capture every critical object that risk will impact. While many companies take an IT-heavy approach – and technology is essential – the scope is too narrow. Include people and processes, two areas often ignored during such planning in a business transformation platform.

Complex relationships exist between people, capabilities and strategies and each has risks. Add the technology – the applications and systems infrastructure – and you will see multiple overlaps across processes. Find the tools to deal with these complexities, including a process-oriented business model. For continuity, you must manage the risk of impacts and maintain your business operations. Like the COVID-19 pandemic, use this kind of model for an overall business transformation to manage massive risk. A process-oriented model shows you how to improve your work. Read more.

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