Thank You for a Successful Foundation Auction in Daytona Beach - September 2022

Sun, Sep 25, 2022 at 8:00AM

John Hellein, FRSA Educational & Research Foundation Director

The 2022 Foundation Auction raised over $43,000 for industry education, research and scholarships this year at the 100th Annual Convention and Expo. Manny Oyola’s and George Ebersold’s custom AR-10 went for $5,300. We are not sure but this may be the highest amount paid for a single item in the three decades of the Auction. Dale Martin, Dal Mar Roofing Industries, South Daytona Beach, was the high bidder.

Crown Royal Whiskey Gift Trunk to Return to 2023 Auction in Tribute to Steve Steele

One Auction item that stopped people in their tracks was a Crown Royal 1920s Travel Trunk package, donated by FRSA Technical Director Mike Silvers, CPRC. It featured several bottles of out-of-production and hard-to-find Crown Royal Whiskey along with cigars, a “.22 cailber” cigar lighter, waterproof playing cards and more. The package received the highest number of bids (52) of any non-roofing material auction item. It was valued at $750 and, by Thursday, the bidding had already topped $1,000. On Friday, a couple of hours before the Auction closed at 1:00 pm, Tonya Steele – who had been bidding on the item all along – placed one final bid at $1,550 to outbid the previous high bid of $1,525. The bid held and Tonya was the high bidder – but that was just the beginning. Read more.

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