Legislative Session Preview - January 2020 FRM

Fri, Jan 24, 2020

Legislative Session Preview

Chris Dawson, GrayRobinson, FRSA Legislative Counsel

Happy New Year, FRSA! Temperatures are dropping but the heat is rising in Tallahassee as we switch into high gear for the 2020 regular session of the Florida Legislature, which convenes on January 14 and adjourns on March 13. A myriad of policy issues will be on the table this year, from sweeping healthcare bills to comprehensive alimony reform. Major fund­ing initiatives like ongoing environmental restoration efforts and teacher pay increases will also domi­nate the conversation as the Legislature crafts an approximately $91 billion budget for the next fiscal year. Of course, 2020 is an election year, so the lens of politics will shade each of these policy and bud­getary issues in a uniquely Florida way. Read more



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