Governor DeSantis Approves Industry Priority Legislation - August 2021

Tue, Aug 03, 2021

Chris Dawson, Attorney, GrayRobinson Law Firm

The Governor recently wrapped up the policy work of the 2021 legislative session with the approval of a handful of construction industry related bills. With this action, Florida’s Legislature officially turns its eyes to the 2022 legislative session, which informally begins with committee weeks this fall and officially kicks off in early January. A pair of FRSA high priority bills were among those recently approved by the Governor: HB 53 Public Works by Representative Nick DiCeglie (R – Largo) and HB 401 Florida Building Code by Representative Elizabeth Fetterhoff (R – DeLand). The gubernatorial approval of these bills caps off a very productive legislative session with significant movement on construction policy. Let’s take a look at these two important bills that have now become Florida law.

Curbing Local Mandates in Public Works Procurement
HB 53 is a continuation of legislative efforts first introduced by Representative Jayer Williamson (R – Pace) and Senator Keith Perry (R – Gainesville) during the 2017 legislative session aimed at reducing local mandates in the procurement of public construction services. This year’s bill expands upon the 2017 effort by preventing local governments from utilizing mandates or local preference policies to prevent Florida licensed contractors from bidding on public works where the project is valued over $1 million AND where at least $1 (one dollar) of the funding comes from state revenues. Read More

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