How to Start or Grow a True Service Department - January 2020 FRM

Mon, Jan 20, 2020

 How to Start or Grow a True Service Department

Greg Hayne, Owner, Hayne Coaching Group

Common Mistakes that Paralyze You

This is the first in a multi-part series on “How to start or grow a true service department.” The ideas, concepts, fundamentals and tools that will be presented have come from our work helping commercial roofing contractors grow their service departments, from interviews we have done over the years with those running top-performing ser­vice organizations and by sharing best practices recognized among contractors participating in formal peer groups we facilitate. What we will share works. You have competitors already successfully doing these things.

What we see in the marketplace is that those contractors who are struggling to grow their service departments are usually making sometimes multi­ple key mistakes that set them up for difficulties or outright failure. Let’s start this series of articles with a discussion of some of the most common funda­mental mistakes or poor choices. If you don’t get these things right, most of the rest of what we will share won’t work as well. Read more

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