FRSA History - Interesting Facts - July 2022

Wed, Jul 20, 2022 at 8:00AM

Over the past 100 years, there have been families
with multiple members who have served as FRSA

■ Fred, A.C. and Jim Falkner, CPRC

■ George D. and George A. Ferber

■ George and Glenn Warren

■ Elmer and Vernon Blank

■ Steve and Charlie Raymond and
John Carruth

■ R.C. and George “Bill” Tucker, CPRC

■ Bob and Jody Dove, CPRCs

■ George and Richard Pepin, CPRCs and Melanie

■ Don and Rob Springer, CPRC

■ Morris, Keith and Brian Swope, CPRCs

■ Bob and Adam Purdy, CPRCs

■ Steve and Brad Sutter.

Only two FRSA Presidents served two-year terms
when no Association meetings were held:

■ Frank Ahrens, Sr. – 1927-28

■ C.E. Brown – 1943-44.

Our Name

FRSA was originally called the Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association of Florida and changed, in 1969, to the Florida Roofing, Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors Association. In 2013, our name changed again to the Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association.

FRSA’s Tagline

Florida’s Association of Roofing Professionals

FRSA’s Motto

Price it Right... Then Do it Right

Items of Importance to FRSA Leadership 100 Years Ago?

The same items important to leadership now:

■ Finding labor

■ Employee training

■ Workers’ comp rates and coverage

■ Material shortages

■ Unlicensed contractors

■ Estimating for a profit and

■ Legislative regulations.

FRSA Self Insurers Fund

Established in 1955 to offer workers’ comp coverage to members.

FRSA’s Magazine

FRSA launched Florida Forum in 1961, revised the publication to Roofing Florida in 2010 and revised it again in 2012 with the launch of Florida Roofing – the most successful version of the magazine to date. Read more.

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