Meet FRSA's Awesome Team - July 2022

Mon, Jul 25, 2022 at 8:00AM

Lisa Pate, FRSA Executive Director

When I first began working for FRSA in 1985, we had 63 employees who worked for FRSA Services Corporation, our for-profit division. Together, we worked on items for FRSA’s different entities – the Association, Credit Union, Self Insurers Fund (SIF), Investigation Specialist Inc. (ISI), Innovative Rehabilitation Consultants (IRC), Florida Forum, workers’ comp claims, marketing, accounting and Florida Association of Self Insured (FASI). We occupied over 7,500 square feet in our old two-story building and it was a bustling office with multiple people in each department. There was also a small satellite office in South Florida where a few staff worked, soliciting new members and handling workers’ comp claims.

In January 1988, the Board of Directors voted to reorganize FRSA entities and staff and reallocated staff members to different departments. At that time, I went to work for the Association under the leadership of FRSA Past President and staff member, Bill Tucker, CPRC. Over the years, various entities were sold off – ISI, IRC – the claims department was outsourced and FASI was taken over by another company. At that time, there were only four departments left – the Association, SIF, Credit Union and Services Corp. Over the years, staff was further reallocated and the Association has operated with as few as five employees.

Today, between the Association (FRSA) and the Credit Union, we’re a small staff of eight full-time employees, three part-time employees and one consultant, each with a specific skill set that enables the whole organization to run smoothly. “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work” is one of my favorite sayings and it embodies the spirit of our small but hardworking staff. I’m often told what a great job our team does on certain projects, events and publications and know that it takes all of us to accomplish these goals.

FRSA is the largest regional roofing association in the country, offering membership benefits, industry-specific educational programs, code and technical support, human resource and legal services, meetings, events and media publications. Through the Credit Union, we offer equipment and vehicle loans, project financing, mortgage lending and in-person and online banking services. The Self Insurers Fund (SIF) offers workers’ comp insurance to members who meet their underwriting guidelines and, together, FRSA is a one-stop shop for the services and support contractors need to successfully run their businesses.

So, who makes up your FRSA team? Read more.

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