Benefits of Roof Coatings

Mon, Mar 27, 2023

R.M Lucas Inc., and the Roof Coating Manufacturers Association

Roof coatings are applied to low slope roofs on residential, commercial and industrial buildings to extend the life of a roof by preventing water, chemical or physical damage, which saves money for the building owner. Certain roof coatings even provide an extra level of waterproofing protection to help shed water to keep building interiors dry. Also, roof coatings are the most effective and least costly option to help buildings save energy. 

Reflective roof coatings reflect visible light and infrared and ultraviolet radiation. This leads to lower roof temperatures, which, in turn, helps reduce cooling costs for buildings with air conditioning units and reduce interior temperatures in buildings with no cooling units. By minimizing cooling costs in warmer climates, peak energy usage is reduced, decreasing the risk of power outages and the strain on the electrical grid. Read more.

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