Benefits of Roof Coatings and the Differences Between “Painting” and “Coating” a Roof - July 2021

Mon, Jul 05, 2021

Chris Huettig, National Director of Technical Services, KARNAK Corporation

Paint vs. Roof Coating
For most of us, it is understandable that the application of a liquid using a brush, roller or spray would be referred to as “painting.” After all, at one point or another we have painted or had someone paint the walls and trim of our house. So, when we see someone applying a fluid product to a roof, our reaction is that roof is being “painted.” But, if a roof coating is being used and applied properly, the roof is being “coated.”

What’s the Big Deal?
For starters “paint” and “roof coating” are not the same and they are each designed for different purposes. Paints typically have lower solids content than coatings, are generally thinner in viscosity and are usually applied to rigid surfaces. Read More.

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