Training and Education: Roofing Professionals Exchanging Ideas - January 2021

Fri, Jan 22, 2021

The 2020 Florida Building Code (FBC) took effect at the end of December (Happy New Year!). I recently did not hear anyone say, “I finished reading all seven volumes of the code. I know it now.” I hope I never hear anyone say that. If I do I’ll be thinking of any excuse I can to leave the room – or airplane – I’m stuck in with that person. After all, who would think, let alone say, something like that? Even if someone memorized the code, how it is actually interpreted and applied to each building project makes it a virtually limitless document. Exhaustive (and exhausting) collections of code like the Florida Building Code are not something you say, “I know it!” about. With years of experience in the field, however, and steady exposure to the code they encounter along the way, some roofing professionals can cautiously say, “I am familiar with it.” FRSA is blessed as an association to have a strong number of individuals as members who are, indeed, familiar with the FBC.

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