The ABCs of Ventilation - January 2021

Sat, Jan 16, 2021

Let’s clarify the concept. Proper ventilation provides multiple benefits:

■ Helps protect the life of the roof
■ Minimizes moisture and helps prevent mold
■ Helps prevent ice dams in cold climates
■ Helps keep attic and roof temperature regulated
■ Promotes energy efficiency
■ May be a requirement for extended warranty
coverage of a roof covering.

Now, let’s examine how proper ventilation provides these benefits. 

Protects the Life of the Roof by Minimizing Moisture 
Roof sheathing is organic material that provides the perfect environment and food source for mold when the conditions are optimum, which include high levels of moisture. Proper ventilation helps exhaust moisture-laden air from the attic, which will reduce the likelihood of mold growth. Without mold feasting on the sheathing, it will last much longer. Read More

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