Personal Protective Equipment - March 2020

Wed, Mar 25, 2020

Personal Protective Equipment - March 2020 
Matt Savin, Loss Control Consultant, FRSA-SIF 

Most of us understand that we must have personal protective equipment (PPE) on our jobsites, but there seems to always be the question of why, what or when. The information below should help you to understand all three questions. This article does not touch on all types of PPE, but does provide information on the most common types you should find on a typical roofing job site.
1. Hard Hats – Hard hats are not always required, but you should always have them handy. If there is even the slightest potential for objects to fall from the roof, anyone on the ground or a lower level must be wearing a hard hat. If there is a low ceiling, for instance an attic while checking for a leak, a hard hat would be required to prevent the employee from hitting his or her head. If a crane is delivering materials to the roof, every employee on the roof and on the ground must have a hard hat to help protect them if the load becomes unstable and falls. Read more

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