Springer-Peterson Roofing and Sheet Metal Wins Low Slope S.T.A.R. Award - November 2020

Tue, Nov 17, 2020

This year there were 48 submissions for placement in one of four categories: Low Slope, Steep Slope, Community Service and Craftsmanship. Judging criteria includes, among other considerations, aesthetics, special circumstances, unique project design, complexity of project, workmanship, teamwork, testimonials and creative problem solving. The judges use before, in-progress and completed pictures and videos to assist in the judging process. 

Springer-Peterson Roofing and Sheet Metal Inc., Eaton Park, Fla. won first place in the Low Slope category for its Hillsborough County Court Annex in Tampa. The project consisted of the removal of the existing coal tar and gravel roof and insulation from the metal deck and covered 327 squares of roof area. All work had to be completed after hours and on weekends, as no noise was allowed during normal business hours while courts were in session. Most of this project was completed at night. The coal tar pitch was, as we say in the industry, very much “alive” and made for some miserable nights for the crew. To further complicate things, on one side of the building there was a framework of steel and piping to support the HVAC equipment that was only about three feet off the existing roof deck. The area below this framework totaled about 50 squares. That’s 50 squares on your hands and knees in coal tar pitch for those keeping score at home. Read More

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