The Tin Knocker - A Dying Trade - January 2022

Thu, Jan 27, 2022 at 8:00AM

Robert Mahoney, Owner, B & Z Custom Sheet Metal Inc.

Paul Revere is probably the most famous silversmith. When copper and bronze came along, workers were called coppersmiths. A lot of these became armorers and worked for kings and rulers to make swords and armor for the armies of the time. Blacksmiths came along when iron was discovered. They worked with forges to make tools and other implements such as horseshoes, nails, door hinges and other items made of iron and steel. Sheet metal workers came to be known as whitesmiths since they worked with white metals like tin and zinc. They made pots and pans and different items that are used in homes and buildings, roofing, air ducts and certain types of siding. Read more.

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