What is the Required R-Value for Insulation When Reroofing? - January 2022

Sun, Jan 30, 2022 at 8:00AM

Mike Silvers, CPRC, Owner, Silvers Systems Inc. and FRSA Technical Director

The answer, like many code questions, is no simple reading of a single code section, but instead one needs to follow a path created by the code. In this article, I will cite some of the code language that deals with the subject and, hopefully, create some road marks along this path. Since the question involves reroofing, which only applies to existing buildings, we need to start with the following subcode (or volume). There are other sections of the code that deal with reroofing, but most of those are taken from the Existing Building subcode. I will cite this code as it applies to this applicable reroofing work. Read more.

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