Importance of Project Handoffs - May 2021

Fri, May 07, 2021 at 8:00AM

Knowing how your estimator prices a job and how it gets sold is critically important to every project’s success. Without a proper handoff from the office to the field team, expect the potential for costly problems during construction. 

Miscommunication over the project work scope, incorrect installation methods and budget and cost overruns can lead to a poor handoff. Project managers must know when to coordinate labor and materials to keep the entire crew productive. And they must understand project sequencing or risk holding up other trades and vendors, putting the whole schedule at risk. There can also be billing issues that will throw off the billing schedule from the general contractor. 

If you find your company struggles with these issues, one of the first steps is to start having job handoff meetings and document the construction process. It requires a lot more than having your estimator dump a set of plans on the project manager’s desk. Without a documented construction collaboration process, you will lose money. 

Companies that skip these all-important handoff steps usually do so to speed the job along and keep clients happy. This is the time to slow it down and be thorough, so you don’t overlook performing roof work with both quality and profitability. The time you take up front will pay off and avoid a lack of frustration between the roofing team and the general contractor. A proper handoff includes: Read More

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