2020 7th Edition Florida Building Code Changes - February 2021

Thu, Feb 04, 2021

This article will cover some of the roofing-specific changes made to the code with regards to the Florida Building Code, Building Chapter 15 (FBCB), Residential Chapter 9 (FBCR) and Existing Building Chapter 7 (FBCEB) and the requirements for roof coverings, noting changes from the 2017 6th Edition Florida Building Code. 

In the current code, Florida uses the 2017 Florida Building Code as the base code and includes some of the changes in the 2019 International Building Code (IBC) and adds in Florida-specific modifications to create the FBC. In black text you’ll see the current code language (no changes), in blue text (underlined) you’ll see the new 2020 FBC language and in red text (strikethrough) is the 2017 FBC language that has been removed. Read More. 

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