Empower Your Field Leaders - October 2020

Wed, Oct 07, 2020

These projects may be under one hundred thousand dollars or multi-million dollars in size. In these various projects, the question is, “Who is the frontline supervisor?” Some organizations are structured to empower the project superintendent as the decision making person in the field.

In this article, we are going to focus on the empowerment of the foreman and how their role impacts performance, crew management, work execution and generating your organization’s revenue and profit. 

The foreman manages the crew and it is at the crew level where the rubber meets the road; profits are made or lost. In leading your field teams, he dictates the way your work is put in place, affecting the outcomes of safety, quality, production and project obligations. The foreman is such a key player in the degree of success of the project; we need to teach them the skills to be fully empowered and successful. Read More

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