Do Roofers Relinquish This Roof to Waterproofers? - August 2020

By Richard Spreen, President, Decktight Roofing Services, Inc. and Shredded Tire, Inc.
Fri, Aug 14, 2020

What’s in a Name?
In South Florida, areas designated for waterproofing have far more relaxed standards. Waterproofing is allowed to be used when a roof transforms into a terrace or planter but is still required to follow an NOA approved assembly. Over the past few years, I’ve witnessed waterproofing contractors installing liquid waterproofing (without slope or insulation) over occupied areas on some of the most expensive real estate in the world, without a permit. The response from one of the waterproofing contractors when I asked him about “why a permit wasn’t pulled” for the work, which was adjacent to ours, was, “we haven’t pulled a permit in 16 years.”

As a licensed Florida roofing contractor, can you imagine ever saying such a thing? Our license would be revoked. Yet, this statement was made at a job meeting with the owner’s reps, waterproofing consultants and a prominent general contractor present. Surprisingly, the only ones outraged by that statement were my team and me. Read More

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