Why General Liability Insurance Isn't Enough in the Event of a Disaster - September 2022

Thu, Sep 15, 2022 at 8:00AM

Corey Slavik, Property and Casualty Advisor, HUB International

There are many risks involved in roofing. Roofing contractors who have the proper insurance coverage, beyond just commercial general liability, can better protect their business and gain a competitive advantage.

There is little room for error in roofing. Faulty workmanship, the use of defective materials and poor design are all risks roofing contractors must avoid when performing their work. Large-scale mistakes, like propane torches left overnight that cause a fire, have become major liabilities for roofers. Problems can also arise in a more indirect manner, such as a failure to secure proper flashing during installation that leads to water intrusion; or, a miscalculation of the weight needed to secure an HVAC unit on a roof that leads to distress of the building’s exterior foundation and walls.

Any of these scenarios can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damages and put your roofing company in peril. Smart businesses know that to recover quickly from a setback, they need to be prepared. Having general liability insurance is a crucial form of protection for your business but it often isn’t enough to fully cover the costs associated with work-related incidents. Read more.

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