Ladder Safety - March 2022

Fri, Mar 18, 2022 at 8:00AM

Jim Brauner, Owner, Brauner Safety Services

The most important piece of roofing contractors’ equipment is the ladder. Used every day to get from the ground to the roof safely, to tear-off and install a new roof system and to make repairs or perform maintenance. The ladder is often the most abused piece of equipment. It is frequently taken for granted. I have even heard people say, “It’s just a ladder, it’s made for the abuse.” Ladders get thrown up on vehicle ladder racks and pulled off when we get to the job. They get dropped on the way to or from the truck or while setting up at the jobsite. Let’s look at types of construction ladders and the safety and maintenance requirements when using them.

Consider the scope of work that your company performs every day to help you make the right decisions on which type of ladders to purchase. We will look at the choice between aluminum and fiberglass ladders. Which of these two is better for a particular use? Read more.

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