Human Resources Update - November 2021

Fri, Dec 17, 2021 at 8:00AM

Sandy Seay, Owner, Seay Management Consultants

For the most part, Unemployment Compensation matters are administered by the individual states, not the federal government, although the federal government has its toe in the water to some degree. In most states, if an employee is laid off or loses his or her job as a result of COVID, that employee is eligible for unemployment compensation. This includes regular state unemployment, which varies from state to state. 

However, the danger of identity theft has now moved into the Unemployment Compensation arena where unknown individuals are stealing the identities of employees and then fraudulently filing for and receiving Unemployment Benefits. Reports tell us that this is a scam of up to a billion dollars, perhaps more. As an employer, you find out about it when an employee gets a notice from the state unemployment office indicating that he or she is receiving benefits the employee
never applied for or when you receive a notice of benefits paid from your account, sent to you by your state unemployment office. Read more.

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