Improving Productivity in Roofing - April 2021

Sat, Apr 03, 2021

Remaining Productive Amid So Much Change

Roofing companies worldwide are seeking ways to remain productive in these unsettling times while keeping employees healthy. Roofers are at the forefront of finding options to continue working, even for tasks that previously required humans at the job site. Those options include the use of drones, 3D modeling and aerial imaging systems.

It is difficult and dangerous to climb on damaged roofs to assess needed repairs even when there is no global pandemic. Damaged or rotting roof decks, broken materials and downed electrical wires make this hazardous work. By using drones, roofers can get a safe, close-up view of rooftop surfaces.

Use camera-equipped drones to inspect the roof, chimneys and vents and decide which materials are necessary for roof repairs without workers ever leaving the ground. This can save hours on a project. There are restrictions on drone use in some areas, so check with your local government offices. Read More

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