IIBEC Technical Advisory – Roof Covering Systems and New Concrete Roof Decks - June 2021

Tue, Jun 15, 2021

IIBEC T020-2021
The International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (IIBEC) has issued a new technical advisory to provide commentary on the installation and design of low-slope roof systems over new concrete roof deck substrates.

IIBEC Disclaimer
This Technical Advisory is intended to serve only as a general resource and to identify potential issues for consideration by industry professionals. Each person using this Technical Advisory is solely responsible for the evaluation of the Technical Advisory in light of the unique circumstances of any particular situation, must independently determine the applicability of such information and assumes all risks in connection with the use of such information. The materials contained in this Technical Advisory do not supersede any code, rule, regulation or legislation and are not intended to represent the standard of care in any jurisdiction. 

FRSA Disclaimer
A section of the article titled “Use of a Vapor Retarder” suggests using a vapor retarder. Generally, vapor barriers in roof systems are used when high humidity is expected on the interior of a building which is located in a low humidity climate. Since the vapor drive in Florida is almost always from the outside of the building inward, careful consideration should be taken prior to including a separate vapor retarder or barrier as part of the roof system. 

Roof membrane and roof assembly installations over new concrete roof decks have always been prone to moisture-related problems due to latent moisture release by the concrete as it continues to cure. The problems are due to the release of excess moisture from the concrete into the roof assembly, which can impact roof system securement, the roof membrane, roof insulation and related components. Read More

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