From Curves to Cone-Hurricane Season in the COVID-19 - June 2020

Sat, Jun 27, 2020

According to forecasters, we’re in for an active year, with several trusted models predicting an above average season. (Don’t shoot the messenger, but something along the lines of 18-22 named storms…YIKES!) The return of hurricane season also brings back our friend the “cone of  uncertainty,” a tool meant to provide a best guess on a charging storm’s projected path. We can debate the accuracy of this forecasting aid, but it’s something we are all familiar with and equipped to respond to in our own way.
     The 2020 hurricane season, much like 2020 itself, promises to be anything but familiar. When a storm inevitably starts churning our way this year, it is the COVID-19 curve, not just the cone, that will be on emergency management officials’ minds. In the age of COVID, Florida is having to completely rethink its strategy for hurricane response. For instance, the state will be stockpiling personal protective equipment (PPE) this year in addition to the staples of water, gasoline and MREs, with more than 10 million face masks expected to be in state reserves by June 1. Read more

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