Change Orders and Managing Your Business - June 2021

Thu, Jun 03, 2021

John Kenney, Cotney Consulting Group

It is easy and stress-free when you start your business by working for friends, making verbal agreements, doing great work and getting paid for it. But in the real world of construction, you better get a signed contract and be prepared to handle change orders – in writing. There will always be “those customers” who will expect more than what they contracted for. You must clearly define the scope of work in the contract and include detailed pricing for any change orders. This protects you, your business and its reputation. 

Without a contract, there can be no change orders. Contracts are of the utmost importance to hold both you and your customer accountable. If a client does not want to work with a contract, your best bet is to move on. Those are the same customers who will claim you promised extra work, even when you did no such thing. Read More

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