AAA Schwartz Roofing Becomes a Foundation Founding Member, Again

Wed, Dec 06, 2023 at 8:15AM

Members who support the FRSA Educational and Research Foundation can choose an annual membership at one of the following levels of support:

  • Charter $1,000
  • Patron $500
  • Platinum $250
  • Gold $150
  • Silver $100
  • Member $75

Donations maintain Foundation member status for the calendar year in which they are made. Mem-bers may also choose a lifetime membership as a Founding member, at the $5,000-level, which renews perpetually.

AAA Schwartz Roofing of Port Charlotte

Earlier this year, Don Schwartz Jr. of AAA Schwartz Roofing donated $5,000 as a Founding member. However, the Port Charlotte company has been a Founding Member since 2010 when Don Schwartz Sr. also contributed $5,000 to the Foundation. The latest contribution comes as Don Jr. assumes operational responsibility for the company. In addition to this significant support for the Foundation, AAA Schwartz Roofing is a perennial supporter of the annual Foundation Auction. This year, they were the highest bidders by dollar amount at the Auction, more than doubling the amount over the second highest bidder on Auction items.

AAA Schwartz Roofing has been an institution in Port Charlotte for four decades. When Don Jr. was still a toddler, his grandfather, George Schwartz Sr. started the company. George moved from Pittsburgh in 1981 and worked at another Port Charlotte roofing company for a few years before starting his own company in 1984. Over the next two decades, the family run business earned the trust of the community and the business continued to grow.

In 2000, Don Jr. graduated from Port Charlotte High School and began working full-time with his father, Don Sr., right around the time that his grandfather was retiring. Since then, the company has continued to expand. Don Jr. says that AAA Schwartz Roofing sponsors local events such as a concert series but has stepped back from advertising, relying instead on the positive word of mouth that comes from consistently performing quality work and providing excellent service.

Thank you to AAA Schwartz for once again supporting the FRSA Educational and Research Foundation!


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