The Importance of Creating an Employee Handbook - June 2022

Fri, Jun 24, 2022 at 8:00AM

John Kenney, CEO, Cotney Consulting Group

Getting your employees all on the same page requires that you onboard them correctly from the beginning with your company policies and procedures, vision and culture and how to stay compliant on the job. The best way to accomplish this is by creating an all-inclusive employee handbook. A good employee handbook is essential to help employees throughout their tenure with your company.

The Goal of An Employee Handbook?

An employee handbook should give your employees a detailed look at company policies and key guidelines, procedures and benefits. It should set clear expectations for employees, defining their rights and your legal obligations to them.

It might initially seem like a daunting task to create an employee handbook from scratch, but it will help you create transparency and consistency across your company. If done correctly, it can help you avoid lawsuits and claims, including wrongful termination.

Components of an Employee Handbook 

The introduction is a guidepost for the procedures and policies you will include in the handbook. It introduces your employees to the company culture, values and mission. Your introduction should answer questions about what sets your company apart, how it was established and what your organization is passionate about, encouraging a sense of pride and belonging which can help an employee become productive faster. Read more.

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