Seven Ways Business Texting Improves Customer Communication - September 2022

Fri, Sep 30, 2022 at 8:00AM

Briquelle Simpson, Freelance Writer

Email has been the business communication method of choice for years, but emails don’t reach customers. The truth is that customers are dealing with a flood of emails every day. Your roofing company’s high-priority emails are getting buried under email ads, coupons and bills. For the most part, your customers might not even realize they got your email. So how do you fix this? The answer is business texting.

Think about it. People like texts. In fact, 87 percent of homeowners primarily want to talk to roofing contractors over text. That’s over 20 times the number of people who want to hear from you by email (only 4 percent – 9 percent other means).

If most homeowners want to be texted, why do so few roofers offer texting? Everyone knows the benefits of personal texting, but the advantages aren’t as clear for business interactions. Here are seven major ways business texting can help your roofing company.

Get Your Messages Read

A fast-paced world means more information and less time to read it. Make sure customers read your messages by communicating with them on their terms. Email is outdated and phone calls can come at inconvenient times. But texting is simple and homeowners want simplicity. They can easily open your text message and respond when they have a free moment.

Not only do texts have a five times higher open rate than email but 90 percent of people open a text within three minutes. With texting, you know customers see your message even if they never respond. Read more.

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