FRSA and BOAF Partner to Bring Roofing Code Updates to Industry Professionals

Mon, Nov 27, 2023 at 2:15PM

Mike Silvers, CPRC, Owner, Silvers Systems Inc. and FRSA Director of Technical Services

As the end of the year approaches and we start filling next year’s calendar, it is a good time to revisit what has been accomplished this year. In particular, I want to revisit FRSA’s commitment to share information on the roofing-related changes in the upcoming version of the Florida Building Code (FBC).

Of all the groups that influence changes in the FBC, FRSA is among the most active. We monitor changes proposed by others and, when appropriate, either support or oppose those changes. We offer modifications to the code that our Codes Committee has approved. This work is extremely important for our industry as well as for Florida’s citizens.

Just as important is the need to bring information about the changes in the code to those who use and interpret it. With the implementation date (December 31, 2023) for the new FBC 8th Edition (2023) quickly approaching, the desire for our code update seminar has definitely increased. FRSA is committed to filling this need by presenting this important information. FRSA has a history of doing this using many different methods. One way is through seminars produced and presented at our annual Convention and at other scheduled educational events. FRSA shares the information gained during the code process with contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, architects and building officials. Many building officials have attended classes that FRSA presents during our Convention. Others have attended programs that we have shared with individual building departments or in conjunction with our Affiliates.

FRSA and BOAF Joint Courses Presented to BOAF Chapters

The Building Officials Association of Florida (BOAF) is another organization whose members are also very active in promulgating the code and share FRSA’s commitment to provide information gained in the process with their members. FRSA and BOAF have successfully worked together for many years. FRSA is a BOAF member and I serve on their Non-Binding Interpretation Committee. Our shared goals and interests have recently coalesced into a unique opportunity. Our two organizations have agreed to work together to present courses including two hours of Roofing-Related Code Changes, one hour on the FRSA-TRI Tile Installation Manual update and one hour on the Tile Hip and Ridge Installation. We will be presenting these seminars at BOAF Chapters throughout Florida. FRSA members can attend these classes and also receive a member discount. Please see the information below on the courses offered and registration dates. This endeavor will expand our ability to reach more members of both associations. Those attending will receive continuing education credits. Some of these classes may have already occurred but rest assured that others will be scheduled. Notice of these and future courses will be provided in advance through FRSA’s Roof Flash newsletters.

Other Code and Tile Manual Courses Presented for C.E. Credit

Our roofing-related changes and tile courses are also presented at FRSA’s Training Center and at FRSA’s Convention in Orlando. We offer a substantial number of credit hours at these events.

FRSA Affiliate Presentations – FBC 8th Edition (2023) Roofing-Related Codes Changes Preview

During this year, we have visited several FRSA Affiliates to present a preview of some of the most important code changes. If your Affiliate would like to arrange a presentation, please contact me. We will do our best to accommodate your available dates. The following affiliates were gracious enough to allow us to present this program:

  • West Coast Roofing Contractors Association
  • Polk County Roofing Contractors Association
  • Sarasota/Manatee Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association
  • Space Coast Licensed Roofers Association
  • Central Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association and Building Officials Central Florida Chapter Joint Luncheon
  • Roofing Contractors Association of South Florida
  • Southwest Florida Roofing Contractors Association

It is my pleasure to serve as the instructor or co-instructor on many of these presentations but it’s a team effort. FRSA President Elect Manny Oyola, Eagle Roofing Products, has been the primary instructor for all of the tile courses and he has co-instructed on many others. Paul Oleksak, Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions, served as a co-instructor on the tile courses at Convention. John Hellein, FRSA Director of the Educational and Research Foundation, coordinates our seminars and assists with developing our programs. FRSA’s many volunteers and our dedicated staff make it all happen. Keep an eye open for many future roofing-specific educational opportunities moving forward.




Mike Silvers, CPRC consults with FRSA as Director of Technical Services. Mike is an FRSA Past President, Life Member and Campanella Award recipient and brings over 50 years of industry knowledge and experience to FRSA’s team.

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