Benefits of Aerial FLIR Thermal Infrared Scan Technology to the Roofing Industry - September 2021

Tue, Nov 23, 2021 at 8:00AM

Bud Buxton, Owner/Chief Pilot, Aerial Visions LLC

The roofing industry is entering a period of technology renaissance that will dramatically change the way roofing professionals’ approach and manage commercial roofing projects. Roof system manufacturers and good roofing practices require the detection of trapped moisture and wet insulation beneath a roof system, especially when evaluating an existing roof to develop a plan for repair, recovering or replacement. This critical aspect of the project development is not to be taken lightly or ignored because failure to locate, quantify and replace moisture compromised areas could result in premature failure of the roof system. The trapped moisture could also cause deterioration of the underlying roof deck and lead to potential cancellation of the roof system warranty among other things. The liability attributed to these issues represent an enormous risk to the roof system designer and installing contractor, as well as irreparable harm to customer relationships and professional reputations. Read more.

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